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train swag 💺
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So shit hitting the fan. Today I decided it was time revamp my life up a speed. I threw out pretty much of all my clothes. Things I didn’t need nor want anymore. It’s was time to trash the past. Surprising it wasn’t anything too dramatic. From old cowboy boots, cut-up shirts, dirty sweaters (I will never dare wear again) from old journals and love letters, mix-CDs, and other nix knacks. Ahaha looking back on a lot of shit I was such a weirdo. But god I’ve changed, but change is good

At least my closet isn’t as hectic.


Chanel Mings, 21 (Montreal)

「AKIRA 4」 大友克洋 講談社 読了。 

@rochambeauNYC Spring/Summer 2015

Gabriel Gomieri by Jon Tan